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Hyundai 35000t

Hyundai 35000t

€24,700,000 VAT not paid

Built: 2015
Currently lying: Hong Kong, Hong Kong

This listing contains some provisional information: details may change

The vessel is to be designed and built as a single screw, low speed diesel engine driven Product oil/Chemical tanker for world-wide service transporting product oil and Chemicals
IMO type 2 &3 with phenolic epoxy coating in cargo tanks/slop tanks. The vessel has seven(7) pairs of cargo oil tanks and one(1) pair of slop tanks, equipped with deep well pump, and shall be suitable for carrying seven (7) segregated cargoes in the same time. Wind tanks and double bottom divided into seven (7) pairs water ballast tanks. Service speed about 14Knots, daily oil consumption about 16 tons.


LOA: 616 ft

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